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Privacy Notice

Confidentiality is a top priority at California Professional Insurance Services (CalPro). We are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality with all of the information we receive from our clients. The privacy of your nonpublic information is a top priority and has always been handled with the strictest confidence and is only shared in order to provide you with insurance proposals, products and services. The following notice describes our policies and practices with regard to collecting and disclosing nonpublic information about our customers and former customers.

Information We Collect
The information we collected with respect to customers varies depending on the type of product or service applied for or purchased, and may include:
  • Information received from a customer, such as name, address, age, phone number, social security number, assets, income, and beneficiaries.
  • Information regarding a customer's transactions with CalPro and their affiliates, or with others; such as policy coverage, premium, payment history, motor vehicle records.
  • Information received from a consumer-reporting agency, such as a customer's credit history
  • Financial Statements.
  • Individual customer underwriting information that we receive as a result of insurance applications.
  • Customer information we receive from consumer reporting agencies, underwriting services or other government agencies.
  • Customer information received from claims adjusters concerning processing or administration of claims.
Information Disclosed
CalPro will not disclose any nonpublic personal information with respect to a customer to anyone except as it is necessary in order to provide products or services to that customer or otherwise as may be required or permitted by law.

However, in the course of general business practices, we may disclose the information we collect without your permission to the following types of institutions for the reasons described below:
  • To a third party if the disclosure will enable that party to perform a business, professional or insurance function for us.
  • To an insurance institution, agency or credit reporting agency for either this agency or the entity to which we disclose the information to perform a function in connection with an insurance transaction involving you.
  • To a medical care institution or medical professional in order to verify coverage or benefits, inform you of a medical problem of which you may not be aware, or conduct an audit that would enable us to verify treatment.
  • To the California Department of Insurance or other governmental authority in order to protect our interests in preventing or prosecuting fraud, or if we believe you have conducted illegal activities.
  • To a group policyholder for the purpose of reporting claims experience or conducting an audit of our operations and services.
Accuracy of Information Collected
We strive to maintain the accuracy of your information. In order to help us maintain accuracy, you have the right to reasonably access your information. If you believe any of your information in our possession is inaccurate, you may request that we amend, correct or delete information you believe to be erroneous. If we concur with your conclusion, we will amend, correct or delete the information in question.

Confidentiality and Security
Access to personal information about a customer is restricted to CalPro employees, employees of affiliates of CalPro, or others who have a need to know that information in order to service a particular account. Physical, electronic and procedural safeguards shall be maintained at all times to protect personal information of CalPro customers.

Any question received from customers concerning the CalPro Privacy Policy may be referred to CalPro, 14742 Plaza Drive, Suite 201, Tustin, CA 92780